Anger Management in Exeter

Anger Management in Exeter


Four session anger management in Exeter


Evidence-based anger management counselling programme for adults and young people

I offer a four session, structured, one-to-one course of anger management in Exeter. Sessions are designed for adults and young people spaced every 2 weeks. Each session has a topic, which is based on cognitive principles. This means we are looking at the thought patterns which lead to individuals losing their temper. There are many ways of doing anger management, but a cognitive approach is evidence based and works quickly and efficiently to deal with problem anger.


Aims of the Anger Management course in Exeter


The aims of the programme are to help participants to understand their anger more and, by the end, to know what they need to do about their temper. We look in detail at how anger manifests and also at strategies for managing interpersonal conflict. I encourage self monitoring and so we also use anger diaries.


Anger management: help for partners


It is possible for a partner or significant other to be included in the final session of anger management but this is entirely up to the individual. This is not couples counselling but an opportunity for the partner to understand some of the material we have been covering and to feel included in the process. There are some circumstances when involving a partner is not advisable, especially in situations involving coercive control or domestic violence.


Going through a separation or divorce and have been asked to get some anger management?


I have worked with many men and women who have been asked by estranged partners to seek help for anger issues. In collaboration with you, I am happy to provide letters or reports for solicitors to prove attendance. Talk to me about how my programme can be adapted for your uses.


Are you an employer and having a difficult time with a member of staff?


Talk to me about anger management for staff members. Counselling only works when people come of their own free will, so suggesting anger management must be done in a spirit of offering welfare support rather than punishment. I have worked with many local employers from local SME’s to charities, local authorities and large corporations.


History of the anger management course


The course was devised, tested and used within populations of young offenders, excluded school aged children, groups of sixth form students and members of the general public aged under 25 in the London Borough of Croydon, many of whom had committed violent crimes or had been excluded from school for their uncontrollable anger. The materials are based on a cognitive approach, specifically Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, and do not require participants to sign up to a particular story about the origin of their problem anger.


Anger Management availability and costs


I have slots for Anger Management on Tuesday and Thursday mornings only in central Exeter. I do not see clients in the afternoon or evenings. If you are employed full time, you will need to talk to work about time off for your appointments.


The programme is £200, for this you get:

  • 4 face-to-face sessions, fortnightly for one hour.
  • Email contact between sessions.
  • Information leaflet.
  • Full summary report, and recommendations on completion.
  • All letters or reports for solicitors, social services, employers, etc.
  • Peace of mind that you are finally doing something constructive about your anger.

The anger programme is very popular, and I often need to run a waiting list. Contact me, and I’ll talk to you on the phone and see if the course will work for you.

James Banyard Counsellor and Supervisor 2017

Anger Management for Exeter and Devon